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The Book.

Why did we write this book?

Today, the term Supply Chain Management is everywhere in the news and has emerged from the back rooms to front of minds and international concerns. When supply chains don't work, the world stands still. No goods are delivered, no industrial competition or even national conflict can be won. It is therefore fundamentally important that all those managers involved and affected as well as interested citizens understand what supply chains really are and what will make them more effective and high performing in the future.

Goods, information, and capital travel around the globe through different cultures and languages. Supply chains have therefore become very complex, and terms have different meanings in different languages. Therefore, they are often "lost in translation", and are defined in different ways and, most important, their dynamics from end to end are often misunderstood. This book sorely needed to define and re-define the supply chain in this new technologically driven, multi-national and “weaponized”, talent-focused and sustainability environment. That is the main reason why four proven experts have written this book.

Breakthrough supply chains cover

What is the main content?

The book is intented to be a guide and a standardization for successful future of Supply Chain Management.


It starts from the basics which builds the solid fundamentals:

Supply Chain

And concludes with the design and needs for sustainable supply chains to be successful in a volatile and ever-changing world:

Resilient Supply Chain

The key features of the book are...


Written by four leading experts in the field.


Comprehensive guide to understand, building and managing resilient supply chains.


Covers everything from risk assessment and mitigation to technology and innovation.


Based on real-world experience.


Action-oriented, pragmatic, and straightforward with no buzzwords.


Outlines and adresses the key risks and challenges of today and tomorrow at an enterprise and national level.

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